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Sandra Spagone (Ness)

I am in love with nature.  Its color fills me.  I love color.  I love treasures from the beach.  I love the spaces between tree branches. My home is filled with rocks and sea glass, coral and pinecones, seed pods in every nook and on every sill.  They are my sacred gifts from nature.

I am a painter.  I press found objects to include in the surface of the paint.  My favorite is Queen Anne's Lace.  I have pulled over on the side of the road to collect the fabulous weed a time or two. It looks like nature's fireworks.  I love texture.  I love realizing new colors that work together in harmony.

Over the years I have made everything from quilts, to pottery, to cards and invitations with handmade papers, to mosaics, to beads from polymer clay.  I tried stained glass for a couple years, which was very rewarding, but the process was tedious.

In the fall of 2006 my mother took a weekend workshop on glass bead making, came home and bought me a torch for Christmas before I had any idea what beadmaking was about.  I had an inkling I would like it, but I cannot put into words my elation and pure joy this new found outlet has brought me.  I will never stop painting but I have found  a form of creativity that allows me to create my own little sacred treasures.  

I have always believed in fairies.  I love small things; and believing in a little magic isn't such a bad thing.  Making beads is a fabulous coming together of all things that I have loved in my lifetime.  I feel like I have found my home.  It is magical.

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Stacia Ness

I'm over at Animal Psychology Today

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Nancy Ness

Hello – I’m Nancy Ness… aka “Queen Bead.”  I’d like to say that I’m a professional Cape Cod bead bum, but I’m actually still an educator.  Retirement is sounding better and better all the time, though.  I need more time to make beads… and write!

You’ll probably hear my daughters, Stacie and Sandy, surreptitiously attempting to blame me for our family’s beading obsession. BUT – Let it be known that I hereby categorically deny any and all responsibility for deterring us all from our daily responsibilities and finding ourselves totally lost amid swarm after swarm of focals and bead sets.

It’s my sister’s fault.  Shirley did it!  She was making jewelry – lots and lots of jewelry.  She had so many necklaces and earrings and bracelets made, I think she could’ve turned her dining room into a full retail store in its own right.  Anyway, I thought she was a bit loony to spend so much time “beading.”  We all got jewelry for birthday and Christmas gifts, and I have to say her work was beautiful.  But I had poetry to write in my spare time.

Then Shirl started going to bead shows.  She came home from one all excited about lampworking.  “You’ll love this lampworking stuff,” said she… She had seen several artisans at a show, and spoken to Bobbie Jenkins about taking a class in her studio – which happened to be a mere mile away from my home... as the bee flies, anyway.

Off we went to spend two days with Bobbie at Bobbies Creations.  We had a grand time, and we agreed then and there that this was a world made for our artistic family.  Shirley and I bought some starter supplies (including the dreaded yellow MAPP gas canisters for fuel).  We spent one day (more like the first hour) working with those tanks and decided they weren’t sufficient for our needs.  It’s a good thing it was almost Christmas.  I had a good excuse to ravage the ranks of eBay and purchase everything I could to set up a real studio with two minor torches and a plethora of Moretti rods that would make us into duly obsessed busy little beaders…J 

Now - about that retirement…

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