Handmade Glass Beads
From Sandy Shores
Of Cape Cod

Welcome to our snug and comfy BeadsNest.  Before you join us, though, it’s only fair to warn you.  You might want to bring along a cup of your favorite tea (we’ve got plenty of honey for you), and be prepared to stay awhile.  This is our Happy Place, and we suspect you’ll find yourself lost among these amazing honeycombs in no time at all.

Come on in - Join us in the honeycomb gallery and muse about our favorite lampworked beads.  You want to know what we’re all about?  We’re bead keepers...  That would probably be better dubbed as bead makers ?J   All right, we’re lampworkers – glass bead makers – but you can learn more about us inside the BeadsNest honeycombs. 

If in your meandering you happen to hear our busy beads buzzing up a swarm, you can surely drop by the bead blog to find out what the bzzz is all about.  We won’t let on that you’re still here after hours.  Oh, and if you happen to want to take a bead or two home with you, there are always some for sale in the lampworker bead store.  We really should apologize ahead, though, just in case we happen to try to keep them.  We are bead keepers, after all… J

We’re really happy to see you, and hope that you visit us often.  We’ll post our new beadlings as soon as they emerge from the honeycombs... um.. lampwork studio  That’s provided, of course, that we can find our way out!



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Cape Cod Lampworkers
The BeadsNest
East Falmouth, Massachusetts

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